We believe youth-adult partnerships and youth leadership are key to sustainable change.

We must listen to young people. Youth can lead us and teach us. Where adults see challenges, youth see opportunities to step up and give back. They are incredibly creative and inspiring. And they must have a role in creating their own futures. The resilience, confidence and strength of young people are what give me hopeā€”and youth are asking for more opportunities to positively impact their world.

Well Connected Communities coalitions are built on the strength of this kind of partnership, where young people and adults come to the table as equals to address the issues facing their community, working together, and taking responsibility for decisions and actions that would have once fallen solely to adults. Solutions developed by a representative group, including youth, help ensure those impacted most by disparities lead the way in developing solutions. And the best practices and learnings from this process fuel innovation and change with healthier outcomes for young people and communities across all of America.

Youth empowerment builds engaged adults and future leaders. And that is an experience that both young people and adults will carry

forward as they continue to work together for change.

University of Wisconsin Extension – Youth Advocates for Health Videos

The Youth Advocates for Community Health (YACH) initiative creates youth-adult partnerships that allows youth to lead and generate energy among their peers (and adults) to improve the health in their community in ways that matter to them. These videos introduce the concepts of health equity, social determinants of health, and PSE change to youth leaders to help them advance community health interventions. These concepts are critical to supporting community-based solutions to ensuring all individuals have fair and just opportunities to be healthy.

The 4-H Difference

Well Connected Communities is working closely with 4-H youth through their local extension offices to address health equity in their communities.

Health Equity is at the Heart of Opportunity

Good health is at the core of what makes a good life. But arbitrary circumstances like zip code, race, and ethnicity can dictate both people’s heath and their opportunities in life. Addressing one can help improve the other, and vice versa.

Improving Health Equity Means Changing Policies, Systems & Environments

PSE change goes beyond programming to address the conditions that can put life-long health and well-being out of reach for many.

Photo: cooking demonstration, National 4-H Council; 4-H’ers, , National 4-H Council; sticky notes, , National 4-H Council.