When life-long health and wellbeing are within everyone’s reach, so is the opportunity to live their best life.

The reality is that too many Americans – fifty-five million of them kids – face interconnected health, economic, and education gaps due to pre-determined factors that keep them from reaching their full potential.

When everyone leads the healthiest life they can live, we gain more than reduced spending on health services and programs. Studies have shown that the benefit goes both ways. Rising economic opportunity can bolster health, and the structures, institutions and policies that create opportunity also contribute to better health.

Addressing health equity also helps improve other things that we all value. When people are healthy and well, they are better able to connect and contribute to the threads that make up a common quality of life. They can participate economically in ways that enhance growth and prosperity for everyone. A society with health equity at its core benefits us all.

4-H and the Opportunity Gap

4‑H is listening to young people and lifting up youth voice through a powerful new campaign – Opportunity4All – that will bring youth to the forefront of discussions about how we eliminate the opportunity gap. Recently, 4‑H youth joined 4‑H alums, thought leaders and other experts for a robust conversation on how best to address the disparities that are holding young people back. You can watch the program here.

Improving Health Equity Means Changing Policies, Systems & Environments

PSE change goes beyond programming to address the conditions that can put life-long health and well-being out of reach for many.

Youth-Adult Partnership Creates Sustainable Change

Including youth in developing solutions that affect them leads to more sustainable results, empowered youth, and future leaders.

Photos: Photo by fauxels from Pexels