The Cooperative Extension System

America’s Cooperative Extension System has a century-long history of bringing about change in order to improve lives. With 32,000+ land-grant- and county-based employees, 2.8 million volunteers across every state and U.S. territory, the Cooperative Extension System has a track record of strengthening communities since 1914.

Administered by the Nation’s Land Grant Universities, including Historically Black and Native American tribally-controlled Colleges and Universities, Cooperative Extension connects university research to community issues to change lives.

Extension’s professionals – living and working in the rural, suburban, and urban communities they serve – have a trusted reputation for not only delivering tailored, innovative, and accessible programming and resources, but providing sound, unbiased information for decision making and problem-solving.

Extension has long provided communities with health-related education and resources through its programs in Family and Consumer Science and SNAP-Ed. 4-H youth development programming, which engages six million youth nationwide, often overlaps with health and well-being, as well.

When this experience is combined with Extension’s programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources and Community Economic Development there is a direct overlap with commonly accepted determinants of health like economic stability, physical environment, education, food, community and social context, and health care.

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National 4-H Council

National 4‑H Council is committed to providing leadership and resources so that 4‑H programs are available to youth across the US. Our executive leadership team and Board of Trustees are dedicated to the belief that helping kids achieve their boldest dreams empowers not only them but also our communities to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond.

National 4‑H Council supports national and state 4‑H programs with a focus on fundraising, brand management, communications, and legal and fiduciary services. Council also oversees the National 4‑H Conference Center, and the National 4‑H Supply Service, the authorized agent for items bearing the 4‑H Name and Emblem.

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