4-H Interview with Dr. Richard Besser of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In this 4 for 4 interview, National 4-H Council President & CEO Jennifer Sirangelo is joined by Dr. Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, for a virtual discussion on youth leadership and community impact.

The concept for 4 for 4 Talks is simple: using video conferencing, we’ll call you and ask 4 questions in 4 minutes that focus on the journey you’ve taken in life, your career, and the path forward you see for young people navigating the world ahead. Through this lens we may talk about societal issues you think are most impacting young people, our national surveys on physical and mental health, our current health and social climate, and solutions to creating a brighter future for America’s youth. Each 4 for 4 is casual and brief by design, but powerful in the story it can tell and those it can influence.