Calhoun County 4-H Health Ambassadors Host Health Fair

The Calhoun County 4-H Health Ambassadors as part of Well Connected Communities hosted a community-wide Health Fair on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Gym in Arlington, Georgia.  This event was created as part of the (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Well Connected Communities training that 4 of the Health Ambassadors attended in February of this year in Washington, D.C.  After learning the health statistics of their county, the ambassadors wanted to first let the community know their findings then invite organizations that would help the community to know options and services that are out there to decrease these rankings.

Those who attended this event also had the opportunity to make their own smoothie creation with our new smoothie bike.  This bike not only helps you burn calories as you make your own smoothie, but it is also a great example of how simple machines work.  Everyone enjoyed riding it.