Looking Back and Looking Ahead – What Well Connected Communities are Most Proud of Over the Last Year

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On a recent webinar, Well Connected Communities leaders were asked to share what accomplishments from the last year they are proud of. Below are a few of the activities that were shared:

  • Positive feedback from youth—that being a part of this has given them a broader view of CES (Cooperative Extension System), 4H, their community and how they can make an impact.
  • We held a bike repair event to support our bikability efforts. We partnered with the Boys and Girls Club, had repair kits for flats and other issues, pumped up tires, offered helmets to those without and worked with police to register the bikes to riders (so if they were stolen, they could be returned to the proper owners).
  • Changes internally—see people value partnership across divisions. Shift in team mindset from how we work alongside communities and partners rather than out in front of.

We began not being sure about what it meant to have/lead a coalition and have youth meaningfully engaged. Participation in the Healthy Living Youth Summit really connected our youth and adults; in addition, we’ve continued to add community partners, police/safety.